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Hallucination 100 Mile Endurance Run Race Report

Sep 30, 2009 | 18 Comments

The Seed is PlantedWe were watching the Janet Jackson nipple-slip Superbowl at our friends’ house. Doug, an old work friend of Shelly’s, mentioned running the local 25k road race. I was amazed… who would run 15.5 miles?!? That brought up the insanity of running a marathon. Now those people are really crazy- 26.2 miles! At that point, the furthest I had run was a four mile adventure in high school. Then Doug uttered words that have haunted me for years: […]

Barefoot Trail Running Technique

Sep 21, 2009 | One Comment

Here are some videos that show the barefoot technique I use when trail running. The technique is very similar to running on flat, hard surfaces. The last video shows the two techniques I use for climbing hills; a power hiking technique and running. The final clip also shows my downhill technique.

Feel free to post comments or ask questions!


My experiences in my last 100 mile attempt…

Sep 20, 2009 | One Comment

I have a lot of free time during this taper for the race on Saturday. In a failed attempt to occupy myself, I compiled some pictures and the audio clips I recorded during last year’s Burning River 100. The pictures don’t line up with the commentary; I was too lazy for the fancy editing. My production values are pretty poor, actually.

The last clip was recorded around mile 60 or so.


Words of Barefoot Wisdom

Sep 16, 2009 | No Comments

“Easy, then light, then smooth, then fast.”-Micah True (a.k.a.- Caballo Blanco)

When people ask how to start barefoot running, Caballo Blanco’s advice to Christopher McDougall in ‘Born to Run” is nearly perfect.

Easy: When first starting barefoot running, it is critical to start slow and relaxed (easy). Proper form is impossible to achieve without relaxation.Light: Once you learn to run relaxed, you have to learn to run light. You should make little or no discernible […]

Erik Skaggs- Fellow Ultrarunner In Need

Sep 4, 2009 | No Comments

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Erik Skaggs, a fellow ultrarunner, suffered renal […]

How to Run Barefoot: A guide to losing the shoes

Aug 21, 2009 | One Comment

The contributors to the Runner’s World Barefoot Forum had a lengthy discussion about a guide to barefoot running designed for the new barefoot runner. Yesterday, while sitting in the doctor’s office waiting room, I wrote a guide. It is posted on my website here. I am in the process of refining it based on input from my friends at Runner’s World. Here is what amounts to the second draft:

How Do I Start Barefoot Running?

This […]

Fallsburg Marathon- the results

Aug 15, 2009 | 2 Comments

I finished in 4:40 and some change. Not my best marathon, but I am satisfied considering it was supposed to be a training run. I am awaiting the placing info. My idea to run the course before the start of the race was cut short… I only managed 14 miles. At that point, I was worried about not making it back to the start line in time. The course itself was a mixture of asphalt, gravel roads, and trails. […]

Fallsburg Marathon

Aug 11, 2009 | 3 Comments

This Saturday, I will be running the Fallsburg Marathon in Lowell, MI. This marathon consists of approximately 50% roads (asphalt and gravel) and 50% trails with several good hills. It should be a very good training run for Hallucination 100 Sept. 26th. To get all my planned mileage in this week, I will have to do another run on Saturday. As of right now, I am leaning towards a shorter run before the […]