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Fundamental Ultraruning Skills: The poo in the woods

Aug 12, 2010 | 16 Comments

My good friends over at Ted’s Google Group started a thread on paleo wiping.  This reminded me of several questions I’ve received over the years regarding the delicate issue of pooping during ultras. 

I am always a little surprised this question does not come up more often.  Here’s the situation- you’re thirty miles into a 50 mile run.  You’re surrounded by nothing but untamed wilderness.  You have to drop a #2.  Since there are no porta-potties for another 20 miles, […]


Weight Training for Runners… The Best Crosstraining Possible?

Jul 17, 2010 | 5 Comments

I’ve received a few emails from people inquiring about my low mileage training for ultramarathons.  If you take weekly mileage alone, my training appears to be inadequate at best; downright stupid at worst.

If this were my lone ultra training, it would be stupid.  I sincerely doubt I would be able to finish even a 50 miler with my running volume.  Life circumstances (i.e. kids) limit my training time.  My secret to maximizing the mileage I can get: high intensity interval […]


Bad Run… Was it Inadequate Recovery, The Paleo Diet, or Heat/ Dehydration?

Jul 16, 2010 | 10 Comments

I went for a 9-plus mile run this morning with Jesse Scott (who’s new blog includes his tear-inducing inspirational story about his journey to becoming a runner… check it out and become a follower of his!).  The run was supposed to be my last fast trail run before Burning River.  My goal was to run at a sub-8:00 minute pace and hope to break 7:30.  We ended up with an 8:11 pace.  

The first two miles felt great!  According […]


Burning River Preparations… an analysis of my training mileage

Jul 10, 2010 | 10 Comments

Preparing for Burning River has been going well.  I finished my last long run yesterday, a 68 mile adventure with Jesse Scott and Mark Robillard.  That singular run was Mark and Jesse’s longest run ever, and my second longest run.

This is my long run mileage since April when i began training for Burning River:

April: back-to-back long runs of 21 and 24 miles
May: 54 miles (Mind the Ducks 12 hour ultra)
June: long runs of 30, 23, and 35 miles
July: long runs […]


Very long training runs… a chance to experiment and test gear

Jul 1, 2010 | 6 Comments

I’m about three hours from embarking on what may be the second longest run of my life.  Mark Robillard, Jesse Scott, Jeremiah Cataldo, and I are planning on running the length of the Kal-Haven trail in Southwest Michigan.  If everything goes according to plan, the run should be about 67-68 miles.  It’s a run that defies conventional wisdom… but is should be a fun adventure.

 This long run will give me the opportunity to test some ideas I’ve been playing with […]


Hill Training… Gotta Love It!

Jun 23, 2010 | 9 Comments

Today I completed my first truly difficult hill workout.  As much as I complain about the lack of trails in West Michigan, I am fortunate to have access to the Lake Michigan shoreline.  Specifically, I have access to sand dunes.  Sweet, sweet sand dunes.  

For those of you that ever have the opportunity to visit Grand Haven, Michigan, you have to run Five Mile Hill a few times.  It is located near the State Park.  The paved hill is one of […]


Ad Hoc Ultramarathon Training

Jun 22, 2010 | 4 Comments

I started reading Run Like a Mother: How to Get Moving–and Not Lose Your Family, Job, or Sanity by Sarah Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell.  I will be doing a full review soon.  Quickly, I have to say it may be the best beginner running book I’ve read.  I’ll save details for the full review, but it is really good.

Anyway, Sarah and Dimity discuss training plans at some point.  This discussion lead me to a self-evaluation of my own […]


Workout of the Day… the advantages of barefoot running

Jun 17, 2010 | 3 Comments

Resiliency to injury is a major benefit to barefoot running.  Once you make a full transition and acclimate your body, you can tolerate some dramatic increases in mileage.  As I accelerate my workouts to prepare for Burning River in July, the ability to avoid injury is critical.  This is my workout routine for the week so far:

Sunday- Rectifier 5K trail race (20:26, 2nd in AG, 10th overall)
Monday- rest day
Tuesday- Five mile trail run + 1 ski hill repeat
Wednesday- Gym workout- […]