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The Ground Feel – Protection Continuum

Oct 11, 2011 | 31 Comments

This last weekend, I attempted the Grindstone 100 mile race in Swoope, Virgina.  It didn’t go so well and I DNFed at about mile 54 or so.  I’ll be posting some more about the lessons learned in the race, which were plenty.

One issue in particular has garnered some discussion- my shoe choice.

I wore a pair of Merrell Trail Gloves.  Normally they are my default trail shoe.  The fit is perfect for my feet Read More...

First Look! Merrell Barefoot Spring 2012 Lineup: [insert favorite expletive here]

Jul 25, 2011 | 30 Comments

Being a blogger is a cool gig.  Most of the time.  You get to meet interesting people, let your voice be heard, even score some free swag.

Sometimes being a blogger blows.  By our very nature, we share knowledge and news.  Let’s face it- we’re the gossip queens of the Interwebs.  We’re information whores.  Occasionally we’re given information on one condition- we can’t share until a future date.  That’s when blogging isn’t so fun.

Enter

Details of Dr. Craig Richards’ Proposed Study

Jun 8, 2011 | 7 Comments

Earlier this week, I posted some news about Dr. Craig Richards’ proposed running shoe study.  The response has been tremendous!  Some shoe manufacturers have already expressed interest and/or committed, with many more in the works.  Many of you have been asking excellent methodology-related questions.  This is the latest info Dr. Richards has forwarded to me.

Note- I am not part of this research… I’m only reporting the details and helping to recruit the companies.    If Read More...

Dr. Craig Richards: A Call For Independent Shoe Testing

Jun 7, 2011 | 21 Comments

This is a quickly-developing story.  The details are a bit sketchy, but the news was too exciting to pass up.

Recently Zero Drop posted a quote from Simon Bartold of Asics.  This led to a spirited debate, which was continued on Runblogger.  I mentioned the debate in my last post.

As a result of these debates, Dr. Craig Richards of Hunter Gait and co-author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Barefoot Read More...

Asics… Well, At Least I Respect Their Wrestling Shoes

Jun 6, 2011 | 7 Comments

Pete Larson of pointed me to this comment from Asics’ head researcher Simon Bartold, which originally appeared in a podiatry forum and was reposted at Zero Drop.   Here’s the quote:

Well Dr. Kirby, A big thank you! Here was I thinking I was the only one fighting a rearguard battle to bring scientific debate to this nonsense!First we had to deal with barefoot, and now the so called Minimalist running debate. It just gets sooo frustrating.What Read More...

Changing the World Will Make Me Obsolete… And I Will Be Happy

May 18, 2011 | 3 Comments

One of my goals for teaching barefoot running  is to completely redefine the way the running world approaches running form.  I want every runner to learn good form BEFORE selecting shoes.  With any luck, this will cause the modern cushioned, motion control running shoe to go extinct.  The key- convince enough people to learn and subsequently teach good form so this idea reaches critical mass. Once this happens, there will be no need to do what I do.  Read More...

Inov-8 Bare-Grip 200 Review

Inov-8 Bare-Grip 200 Review

Apr 14, 2011 | 14 Comments

Need a bad-ass shoe for bad-ass conditions?  Inov-8’s Bare-Grip 200 fits the bill.  This shoe is definitely the most aggressive minimalist shoe on the market today.

Based on my theory of using shoes as tools, the Bare-Grip 200 occupies a niche at the far end of the “gnarly” spectrum.  This shoe is essentially a cleat, meaning it is not designed for roads, sidewalks, or even hard-packed trails.  This shoe is designed for slop.  I would like to see a Read More...

The Evolution of Minimalist Shoe Theory

Mar 2, 2011 | 8 Comments

Over the last six years or so, my attitude towards shoes has changed dramatically.  Over that time, i have slowly developed some personal guidelines that help me understand the relationship between barefoot running and running in shoes.

These still seems to be a significant debate among barefoot runners regarding the use of shoes.  I hope my experiences can help others understand how shoes should fit into their running adventures.


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