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New Goals; New Adventures

Nov 10, 2013 | One Comment

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been contemplating new goals. I haven’t really had too many goals over the last few years; I’ve just enjoyed flowing through life. I feels like it’s about time to get some direction. The following are the goals I’m considering for 2014 but haven’t made a firm commitment:

1. Run another benji (100 miler.) It’s been a year since I ran my last ultra, and I miss it enough to seriously consider […]

What Motivates Us to Run?

Apr 30, 2013 | 10 Comments

Why do we run?

It’s a question runners are asked regularly, especially ultrarunners. In a sedentary society where the average person will circle a parking lot eighteen times to park 15 feet closer to the store, running seems like an unnecessary burden.

Yet millions of us spend hours and hours per week running.

What propels us to do this often-times difficult activity?

I’ve always been fascinated with human motivation. It hits at the fundamental […]

Run Commuting: Save Gas, Lose Weight, Get to Know Your Neighborhood

Jan 29, 2013 | 9 Comments

Today’s post is Kevin LaFleur’s first guest post here at BRU. This article is of particular interest to Shelly and I as we’ve been doing quite a bit of run commuting lately. I regularly walk to work and run to our gym, and can attest to the benefits Kevin discusses. Please share your run commuting experiences in the comments!


My love for commuting by my own power began in the 2nd grade. Per the Vermont norm, a wicked snow […]

How Important is Running When Training to Run?

Jan 23, 2013 | 18 Comments

Runners are supposed to train by running, right? The logic seems simple enough. Indeed, if you’re an elite runner, you probably need to pile up a shit ton of miles.

But what if you’re a recreational runner that has little hope of cracking the top 10% in any given race? Can you do other activities besides running?

This is a question I’ve explored in the past. After all, my single best race performance came after months […]

Preparing for Trouble: Don’t Die on the Trail

Oct 15, 2012 | 2 Comments

This recent story caught my eye yesterday: East Coast Hikers Missing in Glacier National Park.

The hikers are presumably lost somewhere in a large, rugged area. Search and rescue has few clues.The winter weather could give this story a tragic ending.

In my still-in-progress trail running book, I included a section about how search and rescue works and what to do if lost. The book is still probably at least two months away from completion, […]

Want to Win Your Age Group? Consider Smoking Crack

Apr 7, 2012 | 6 Comments

You know the problem.  You wish you were faster.  You say you run races just for the experience.  That smile and the beer in hand are just a facade hiding that deep-seated desire to run really, really fast.  You secretly fantasize about posting that age group win on Facebook so all your friends will envy you.  If only you were faster.

Some people train hard.  Some people have natural talent.  Some people just get lucky sometimes.  […]

It’s Not About Getting Faster or Running Longer; It’s About Perfecting Form

Nov 22, 2011 | 14 Comments

While crewing for Shelly at Javalina, I had the opportunity to spend considerable time with Jon Sanregret and Jesse Scott.  I love hanging out with these guys because we always have great conversations about running.  Most of the topics revolve around shoes, but we also dabble in every aspect of what we do.

After several beers, we started discussing running form.  Jesse brought up the idea that more people should focus on perfecting their running form versus […]

Definition of a Perfect Runner

Jun 11, 2011 | 14 Comments

By BR Staff Writer Kate Kift

[This post is a follow-up to Kate’s post “What is a Runner?”    -editor]

I was once running on a easy trail around my bit of the world, headphones on, chilling out, when a man on the boardwalk motioned to me.  I went over to him and he spent the next 10 minutes showing me a rare type of heron that was fishing in the tide.  He turned […]