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Women: Shut the Fuck Up. Seriously.

Oct 11, 2013 | 5 Comments

While perusing my Facebook news feed, I came across a blog post several friends had posted. The gist- a whiny dude was ranting about an interaction he had where he defended his wife, who happened to be a stay-at-home mom. At the time of writing, the post had received close to five thousand comments.

Five thousand.

News stories from world news organizations covering genocide don’t get that many comments.

That seems a little fucked […]

The Helicopter/ Neglectful Parent Dichotomy: Which is Better?

May 31, 2013 | 8 Comments

Read these two articles:–please-dont-help-my-kids

Parent (or non-parents), answer the following questions in the “comments’ section:

1. Briefly (25 words or less) share your opinion on each article.

2. Which parenting style is closer to your own style?

3. Why do you think this topic is such a hot-button issue? In other words, why do we care so much about how other parents parent?

Also, feel […]

Benign Neglect: The Art of Under-Parenting

May 10, 2013 | 5 Comments

While doing some research for a new project, I came across the term “benign neglect.” As a parenting style, it involves allowing your kids freedom to well, be kids. Let them explore their world. Solve their own problems. Take their lumps when things don’t go so well.

And I like the nomenclature because it’s mildly antagonistic. 😉

It perfectly explains the parenting strategy Shelly and I use. We let them play unsupervised, which often involves wandering around our […]

“What Should I Put on My Feet to Go Run?”: This Could Change Society

Jan 4, 2013 | 5 Comments

I’ve often dreamed of a world where parents didn’t automatically put their kids in shoes. If only we allowed our children the freedom to go barefoot, we’d avoid all the pitfalls that plague our modern shod society.

Unfortunately it’s a tough sell.

Some parents insist that their children need the protection of shoes. Sure, sometimes that protection is important (winter), but most of the time kids are more than capable of navigating any […]

Free Range Kids? Is That Safe?

Sep 12, 2012 | 14 Comments

A recent article published on Yahoo News reminded me of the “free range kids” idea. This idea has been a fascination of mine for some time… mostly because of our nomadic lifestyle. The idea is simple- allow your kids to explore their world unsupervised. The freedom allows children to develop the “survival” skills they need as adults, including the ability to negotiate social situations, find their way in new environments, etc.

For most parents, this idea […]

Are Clean Freak Parents Committing Child Abuse?

Jun 24, 2012 | 16 Comments

Here’s a quick parenting quiz for the parents out there:

1. Your five year old child is eating their own boogers. What do you do?

A. Scream at them and slap the booger out of their hand.

B. Ignore them and go back to doing what you were doing.

2. You’re in the grocery store. Your six year old child is licking a grocery cart. What do […]

What’s the Deal With Women and Kids? And a Celebration of Dudes.

Apr 10, 2012 | 27 Comments

I have quite a few female friends that have kids.  I also have quite a few female friends that do not have kids.  I’m endlessly fascinated by the interactions between these two groups.  For whatever reason, this is a polarizing topic.  My friend Trisha posted a link on Facebook to this blog post: (Julie, in regards to the traffic- you’re welcome) 😉

The responses to the link were interesting.  And polarizing.  People on both […]

Gamers Will Rule The World

Mar 28, 2012 | 11 Comments

Hello, Mr. President.

Our society like to vilify video games.  We like to blame them for the obesity epidemic.  We attribute the apparent rise in societal violence to the violent themes of many games.  We fret over the social isolation experienced when sitting in front of a computer screen.

And it’s all bullshit.

I’ve long-touted the benefits of video games.  Anecdotal evidence suggests gamers aren’t significantly affected by their pass time.  Research has repeatedly shown […]