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New Balance MR00 Minimus Zero Road Review

Dec 6, 2011 | 10 Comments

The first generation of the Minimus Road sucked.  It felt like the designers spent all their time and innovation on the Minimus Trail, then phoned in the Road design.  It was only marginally better than the Newton Sir Issac I reviewed a few years ago.  They felt bulky and inflexible.

You know when you were a kid and you’d put boxes on your feet and march around the house at Christmas?  That’s a close […]

New Balance MT00 Minimus Trail Zero Review

Dec 4, 2011 | 11 Comments

2012.  This will be the year of the minimalist shoe.  I guarantee it.  Several manufacturers are developing minimalist shoes, which I would define as any shoe that allows you to run with the same form you’d use if barefoot, that satisfy our needs.  Long gone are the days of hacking up a pair of water shoes to retrofit something that would offer a little protection.

So why is 2012 going to be the year of the minimalist shoe?  Because niches […]

Women and Barefoot: The Merrell Womanialism Chit-Chat

Nov 28, 2011 | 6 Comments

Many people have asked why there aren’t more women testing the waters of barefoot and minimalist shoe running.  Merrell is doing more than asking.  They’re doing something about it.

Merrell  is hosting a Facebook-based chat session on their FB page dedicated to answering questions and stimulating discussion.  Read about the details here:

Merrell Womanalism Chit Chat

The first session will be kicked off by Emily Snayd, one of the fastest female minimalist shoe […]

Why Are Barefoot Runners Such Shoe Whores?

Nov 25, 2011 | 17 Comments

This post seemed appropriate for Black Friday…

I’m a barefoot runner, yet I have a shoe collection that takes up an embarrassingly large space.  Most of my peers are in the same boat.  What’s the deal?

The best way to explain our affinity for shoes is to describe the process of becoming a barefoot runner.  *Note- this assumes you’re not a road-only barefoot runner that lives in a temperate climate.

1. You try barefoot running.  […]

Ten Reasons The Natural Running Revolution is Coming

Oct 22, 2011 | 21 Comments

In a recent post, I discussed the impending revolution in the shoe industry and which companies seemed to be in a position to be winners and losers.  It’s purely speculative and based on nothing but my own observations (i.e.- no real data), but it’s fun tossing out predictions.

One that note- here are ten reasons the shoe revolution will occur:

1. The revolution in running form.  POSE, ChiRunning, Evolution Running, Good Form […]

What Shoe Companies Will Survive the Revolution?

Oct 13, 2011 | 35 Comments

We’re in the midst of a paradigm shift away from the antiquated “neutral, stability, and motion-control” paradigm and toward the minimal-based “shoes as tools” paradigm.  It’s easy to write this off as a passing fad or just another option to compliment the old way of doing things, but this is short-sighted.

When people make the switch to minimalist shoes, they don’t go back.

Based on the number of people making the transition AND the rate at […]

Merrell Road Glove Review

Sep 23, 2011 | 16 Comments

The Merrell Road Glove.  Simply put, it is to roads what the Trail Glove is to trails.

Merrell took the formula that made the Trail Glove a success, worked out a few details based on feedback from the barefoot running community, and developed a shoe that did exactly what a good minimalist shoe should- make you forget it’s there.

Before I get to the actual review, it should be known that I work with […]

First Look! Merrell Barefoot Spring 2012 Lineup: [insert favorite expletive here]

Jul 25, 2011 | 30 Comments

Being a blogger is a cool gig.  Most of the time.  You get to meet interesting people, let your voice be heard, even score some free swag.

Sometimes being a blogger blows.  By our very nature, we share knowledge and news.  Let’s face it- we’re the gossip queens of the Interwebs.  We’re information whores.  Occasionally we’re given information on one condition- we can’t share until a future date.  That’s when blogging isn’t so fun.

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