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“Crossfit Can Be Dangerous?!?” Further Evidence People Can Be Really Fucking Clueless

Sep 24, 2013 | 8 Comments

Over the last few days, this article has popped up several times on my Facebook news feed. A quick synopsis for lazy folks: The extreme nature of some Crossfit workouts coupled with a culture of pushing the body to the extreme can put people at danger of rhabdomyolysis (a potentially fatal condition where destroyed muscle cells clog the kidneys.)

After reading lots of comments, I couldn’t help but come to the realization that the general population is […]

Merrell Flux Glove Review: The Ultimate Jack-of-all Trades Minimalist Shoe?

Oct 1, 2012 | 7 Comments

Officially, the Merrell Flux Glove is designed as a training shoe. It’s designed on the Road Glove outsole, but with a slightly more structured upper to handle lateral cutting movements. Think high intensity interval training. While the shoe excels as a training shoe, I found it to be the single most versatile minimalist shoe I’ve found to date.

I received the shoe right before we left the mountains of Colorado, brought it with […]

Wannabe Elite Road Runners are Nauseating

Feb 24, 2012 | 11 Comments

You know the type. You find them at the local 5ks and marathons lined up at the front of the pack wearing a brand new foot coffins and a singlet advertising a company they wish would sponsor them.  They scoff at the idea of people running for enjoyment and believe you have no business being out there if you’re not going to place in the top ten.

They post all their race PR’s in the signature lines […]

What is the Ideal Weight Training Program for Ultrarunners?

Feb 13, 2012 | 21 Comments

In my last post on weight training, I was purposely vague in order to stimulate discussion, though it was implied the question was geared toward runners.  Now we’ll look at a very specific case- weight training for ultrarunning.

Our goals for weight training are specific.  We want to:

Make our bodies more resilient to damage from running 50-100 miles,
Increase balance to facilitate trail running over technical terrain,
Increase proprioception to prevent injuries from hyperextension,
Decrease recovery time after the […]

Maffetone Versus Crossfit Endurance: Which Is Better

Dec 26, 2011 | 17 Comments

If you participate in any of the barefoot and minimalist forums (Runner’s World, Barefoot Runners Society, Ted’s Google Group) you’ve probably come across a thread about the Maffetone method.  This sudden upsurge of interest in Maffetone interests me, especially because it comes on the heels of a burst of interest in high-intensity interval training (Crossfit Endurance is a popular version.)

First, a quick primer on the Maffetone method and CFE.  Phil Maffetone is a dude that, […]

The Impending Mind the Ducks Adventure

Apr 29, 2011 | 3 Comments

In a few weeks, the Hobby Joggas are going to hit the road for our latest adventure- a road trip to Rochester, NY to run Shelley Viggiano’s Mind the Ducks 12 hour ultra.  The event should be a blast!  This year should be even better than last.

We’re bringing more people from Grand Rapids (11 or 12) in addition to meeting several virtual friends for the first time.  Just like last year, our crew includes several […]

How to Spot a Crazy Person – Why One Man Simply Can’t Run

Mar 20, 2011 | One Comment

[The following is a guest post by Pete Kemme.  I frequently mention Pete here and finally convinced him to make a guest appearance.  I regard Pete as one of the leading experts on functional fitness.  His crazy-ass brutal crosstraining workouts have helped me finish run ultras on relatively low mileage.  Check out Pete’s fitness site To see what he does, check out this YouTube vid.   Pete, being the humble guy he is, wouldn’t mention […]

Gymboss Interval Timer Review

Jan 29, 2011 | 2 Comments

When people begin barefoot running, they usually start at very low mileage.  This is a wise strategy, but may be difficult for runners accustomed to high mileage or high intensity.   When they ask for an alternative to running while they make the transition, I always suggest burpee pullups.

I also recommend programs like Pete Kemme’s workouts or Crossfit.  The problem- many of these workouts are based on intervals… usually of the […]