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The State of Barefoot Running in Europe

Jul 18, 2011 | 27 Comments

I had the opportunity to travel to Germany this last week to address a crowd at an outdoor trade show in Friedrichshafen, Germany with my friends at Merrell.  It was a great opportunity to engage members of the running industry in discussions about barefoot and minimalist shoe running.

My conclusion- Europe (and the rest of the world) seems to be about 18-24 months behind the US.  They are experiencing what we experienced in 2009… a small […]

Coming Barefoot Events

Jul 12, 2011 | One Comment

I haven’t updated our travel plans lately, so here they are:

July 14-16: 18th European Outdoor Trade Fair, Friedrichshafen, Germany
July 19th-20th: Driving from Grand Rapids, MI to Pennsylvania
July 21st to 26th: exploring Pennsylvania trails, no events planned
July 27th or 28th: Barefoot running clinic @ Crossfit Akron, OH (tentative)
July 30 to 31st: Burning River 100 Miler Endurance Run (Shelly and I are both pacing friends)
August 1st to 5th: driving to Colorado
August 6th to 12th: Exploring Colorado, no events planned
August […]

Changing the World Will Make Me Obsolete… And I Will Be Happy

May 18, 2011 | 3 Comments

One of my goals for teaching barefoot running  is to completely redefine the way the running world approaches running form.  I want every runner to learn good form BEFORE selecting shoes.  With any luck, this will cause the modern cushioned, motion control running shoe to go extinct.  The key- convince enough people to learn and subsequently teach good form so this idea reaches critical mass. Once this happens, there will be no need to do what I do.  […]

The Impending Mind the Ducks Adventure

Apr 29, 2011 | 3 Comments

In a few weeks, the Hobby Joggas are going to hit the road for our latest adventure- a road trip to Rochester, NY to run Shelley Viggiano’s Mind the Ducks 12 hour ultra.  The event should be a blast!  This year should be even better than last.

We’re bringing more people from Grand Rapids (11 or 12) in addition to meeting several virtual friends for the first time.  Just like last year, our crew includes several […]

Quitting Our Jobs and Following Our Dreams

Apr 21, 2011 | 45 Comments

Well, it’s official.  Shelly and I have submitted our resignations; we’re officially quitting our teaching jobs to follow our dreams of becoming nomadic running hobos.  🙂

Actually, we’re not quite hobos.  We’ll be traveling the country to conduct various barefoot and minimalist shoe running events (clinics/workshops/group runs) and participating in a variety of races.  We’re partnering with our friends at Merrell for this adventure, so the majority of the races will be Merrell-sponsored and the […]

Merrell Offers Free Shipping Through April

Apr 12, 2011 | No Comments

To help people find the right size, Merrell is offering free shipping through the month of April.  Go to and enter the following code at checkout:


Feel free to share this code far and wide.  🙂

In Other News

I held my first barefoot clinic of the year in conjunction with physical therapist Dr. Scott Hadley at his clinic in Grand Rapids.  We expected about 10 attendees; 20 showed up.  […]

2011 Schedule of Events… Where We’re Going

Apr 7, 2011 | 22 Comments

We finally firmed up our plans with our friends from Merrell!  It looks like this will be our event schedule for 2011:

Mind the Ducks 12 Hour, Rochester, NY: May 14th
Pineland Farms Trail Running Festival, New Gloucester, ME: May 29th
Boulder Nakedfoot 5k, Boulder, CO: June 18th
Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run, Auburn, CA: June 25th
Seattle Urban Oyster, July 23rd
Burning River 100 miler (we’ll be crewing), NE Ohio, July 30th
Nakedfoot 5k Minneapolis: […]