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Find Your Spring: The Missing Link to Teaching Running Gait

Sep 26, 2012 | 23 Comments

This last weekend, I had the opportunity to hold a running clinic with Dr. Mark Cucuzzella at his minimalist running store in Shephardstown, WV. We covered a ton of useful information, most of which is included in Mark’s video he did for Running Times.

When we were discussing running form, Mark describes the legs as springs. The tendons and ligaments of the feet and legs store energy as the foot hits the ground. This energy […]

Grindstone 100 Miler Preparation

Sep 21, 2012 | 3 Comments

In about three weeks, I’ll be attempting the Grindstone 100 miler in Swoope, VA for the second time. The first time around, I DNFed around the half way point. It was an abysmal failure, but a great learning experience. My preparation for this attempt feels much better.

Last year, I was overly confident based on my positive experiences at Western States. This was my thought process immediately before the race:

I ran very […]

Tahoe Rim Trail 100, Grand Mesa 100, Trans-Rockies Stage Race, and Upcoming Clinics

Jul 25, 2012 | No Comments

This has been a busy week, hence the shortage of posts. My message in boxes are piling up quickly and the chores are falling by the wayside. 🙂

In the news:

Shelly and I, along with our awesome friends Krista Cavender, Jon Sanregret, paced and crewed Jesse Scott to his first 100 miler at Tahoe Rim this last weekend. Jesse kicked ass! I’ll try to write a crew report as soon as possible, though I […]

Free Running Form and/or Barefoot Coaching, and Clinics in Dallas!

May 31, 2012 | One Comment

Shelly and I are traveling to Dallas this weekend for the Merrell Down and Dirty mud run. We’ll be conducting two clinics as part of packet pickup at the REI Dallas (4515 LBJ Fwy, Dallas, TX 75244) at 1:30 pm and 4:00 pm on Saturday, June 2nd. You don’t have to be a race participant to attend the clinics.

If you purchase a pair of Merrell Barefoot shoes, you’ll receive a special […]

Barefoot Ultramarathon Or Not?

May 21, 2012 | 10 Comments

This upcoming Sunday, I’ll be running the Pineland Farms Trail Running Festival 50 miler. The big decision: Wear shoes or go barefoot?

The case for barefoot:

I’m familiar with the course, and it’s pretty barefoot-friendly.
I’ve covered the distance barefoot before.
The race was voted as the best barefoot event in the US… so I feel compelled to tackle it barefoot.
I have two sizable cuts on my heels from my recent road 25k, and going barefoot would assure the […]

What Have You Learned About Barefoot Running?

May 18, 2012 | 34 Comments

Since I first took off my shoes and started seriously running barefoot, I’ve learned many lessons. In the beginning, I learned all the typical lessons new BFRs learn- elements of better form, the dangers of too much too soon, etc. Next I learned some of my own limitations as far as where and when I could run barefoot. After that, I started exploring the issue of shoes and barefoot running, which I’m still doing today (hence the recent […]

Upcoming Clinics: Chicago, Washington D.C., New York, and Maine

May 15, 2012 | 5 Comments

Here’s our clinic schedule for the next two weeks:

Sunday, May 20th- Barefoot Clinic, Down and Dirty Chicago
Sunday, May 20th- Barefoot Clinic, Uncle Dan’s, Northpost, IL, 5pm (group run to follow)
Tuesday, May 22nd- Barefoot Clinic, Hudson Trail Outfitters, Rockville, MD, 6:30pm-8:30pm
Wednesday, May 23rd- Barefoot Clinic, Eastern Mountain Sports, Upper East Side, New York City, 6:30-9:30
Thursday, May 24th- Barefoot Clinic, Eastern Mountain Sports, SoHo, New York City, 6:309:30
Friday, May 25th-Barefoot Clinic, Maine Running Company, Portland, Maine, 6-7pm
Saturday, May 26th- […]

Details of Pacific NW Clinics

Feb 28, 2012 | 9 Comments

Here are the final details for the Merrell Bareform clinics over the next few days:

Wednesday, February 29th:

Super Jock and Jill- 7210 E Greenlake Dr. N, Seattle WA 98115, 8:45-9:45am
Born to Run- 213 Yale St. , Seattle, 6:30pm

Thursday, March 1st: Foot Traffic Group Run, 824 Southwest 2nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97204, 5:30pm
Saturday, March 3rd: Clinic in Boise – Shu’s Idaho Running Company, 1758 W. State St., Boise, ID 83702, 7:30 trail run, 10k at 9am, clinic at store following runs

If […]