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Attention All Barefoot and Running Coaches: Join Coach Talk, Change the World

Jun 12, 2012 | One Comment

When a bunch of us founded the barefoot Runners Society a few years ago, we had an idea of offering a “barefoot coach certification.” The idea never really gained traction for a variety of reasons, principally my own laziness. 🙂

We recently decided to resurrect the idea, and I volunteered to spearhead the project.

Yes, yes, I know what you’re thinking: “But Jason hates certifications!”

Indeed, I DO hate the idea of certifications. Here’s the […]

So You Want to be a Barefoot Running Coach?

Jun 7, 2012 | 9 Comments

This post is an offshoot of this thread on the Barefoot Runners Society forum. This post made me revisit my thoughts on barefoot coaching, a topic that has been a tad controversial.

For those that may be interested, here are a few things that may help you along the way:

Develop a basic understanding of the biomechanical principles of exercise. This doesn’t necessarily require an education in anatomy and physiology, but some knowledge is needed. Google and […]

Barefoot Ultramarathon Or Not?

May 21, 2012 | 10 Comments

This upcoming Sunday, I’ll be running the Pineland Farms Trail Running Festival 50 miler. The big decision: Wear shoes or go barefoot?

The case for barefoot:

I’m familiar with the course, and it’s pretty barefoot-friendly.
I’ve covered the distance barefoot before.
The race was voted as the best barefoot event in the US… so I feel compelled to tackle it barefoot.
I have two sizable cuts on my heels from my recent road 25k, and going barefoot would assure the […]

Barefoot Running Philosophy: The Current State of the Mind

May 19, 2012 | 6 Comments

Every once in awhile, I like to consider my current thoughts, opinions, and observations on all things related to barefoot running. My own barefoot philosophy has changed dramatically since I first ditched my foot coffins back in the day. Here’s my latest thoughts:

On Barefoot Running:

Barefoot running is a great way for many people to learn to run in a more efficient manner. If we recognize our brain has the ability to maximize motions to become as […]

What Have You Learned About Barefoot Running?

May 18, 2012 | 34 Comments

Since I first took off my shoes and started seriously running barefoot, I’ve learned many lessons. In the beginning, I learned all the typical lessons new BFRs learn- elements of better form, the dangers of too much too soon, etc. Next I learned some of my own limitations as far as where and when I could run barefoot. After that, I started exploring the issue of shoes and barefoot running, which I’m still doing today (hence the recent […]

Bridging the Gap Between Barefoot Runners and Podiatrists

May 13, 2012 | 23 Comments

Over the last few days, I’ve been engaging in a discussion on the Podiatry Arena, a forum for podiatrists and other health care professionals. I’ve been a lurker there for quite some time, but finally decided to post after a member took one of my posts out of context. After trading some barbs, we seem to have gotten to a point where we may be able to discuss some issues surrounding barefoot and minimalist running.

I’m excited […]

Shades of Gray Starfish: How Barefoot Runners Need to Change

May 11, 2012 | 14 Comments

I’m fond of the “starfish analogy.” You know, the one where a man is walking down a beach and stumbles upon a little boy is frantically running up and down a beach tossing starfish that washed ashore back into the surf. The man asks the boy what he’s doing, and he responds “I’m saving their lives.’ The man chuckles, “But there are thousands washed upon the beach. You can’t possibly save them all.” The boy looks down at […]

Is Barefoot and Minimalist Running Supported by Research?

May 9, 2012 | 24 Comments

Is barefoot and minimalist shoe running supported by empirical evidence? In other words, do we have science on our side? This is a question that springs up quite often. Barefoot running skeptics ask the question. The barefoot-curious ask the question. Even some of us that have been doing this for awhile ask the question.

The answer is… sort of.

The holy grail of research would be some sort of large, representative-sampled double-blind longitudinal experiment that compared […]