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Barefoot and Minimalist Shoe Coaching

The following is a detailed explanation of the coaching services offered by the Barefoot Running University.  In addition to the programs listed here, we also offer barefoot and minimalist shoe running clinics.  Clinic dates and locations will be listed in the red "Clinics" of our site.

Before considering individual coaching, please read our "How to Start" section.  Many people are able to learn to run barefoot or in minimalist shoes with little guidance.  If you give it a shot and are not successful, consider attending a clinic.  It is cheaper than individual coaching and will help most runners learn the necessary skills.  If you need more help after that point, then consider individual coaching. 

Of course, if you have the money to spend, are especially anti-social, or prefer one-on-one coaching to a group setting, then the individual coaching options may be perfect!

BFR 101: A Brief Introduction to Barefoot / Minimalist Shoe Running

This level consists of a single session to introduce the concept of barefoot / minimalist shoe running.  A brief explanation and demonstration of technique will be given, followed by the opportunity to try the techniques.  This level is intended to determine if you would be interested in continuing to experiment with barefoot running. 

BFR 102: An Introduction to Barefoot / Minimalist Shoe Running

This level is designed for the runner that is serious about either adding barefoot / minimalist shoe running to their already-existing training schedule or the first step towards becoming a full-time barefoot / minimalist shoe runner.  The method I use is simple.  I follow a five step process.

  • Step one- Assess prior experience.  This includes running experience and barefoot experience.  This also includes a waiver that indicates your doctor has determined you are physically able to participate in this program.

  • Step two- Start spending as much non-running time barefoot as possible.

  • Step three- Receive instruction on proper barefoot running form.  This step includes video analysis of your gait both in shoes and barefoot.  This step also includes learning barefoot drills and crosstraining exercises to help strengthen and support your barefoot running ability.

  • Step four- Begin a conservative program of increasing barefoot running, running drills, and crosstraining.

  • Step five- Add a variety of running surfaces and conditions to your barefoot running experience.

BFR 201: Barefoot Racing

This level is designed for the more advanced barefoot runner that is interested in running road races barefoot.  Runners will receive instruction on setting up training schedules and maximizing form to prevent injuries in race conditions. 

BFR 301: Barefoot Trail Running

This level is designed for the more advanced barefoot runner that is interested in running or racing on technical trails that also may include hills.  Runners will receive instruction on trail running technique and skills.

BFR 401: Extreme Barefoot Running

This level is designed for barefoot runners that are interested in running very high mileage, marathons, ultramarathons, night running, or running in extreme temperatures or other conditions. 

Currently, we are only accepting a limited number of clients due to a heavy schedule. If you are interested in receiving barefoot instruction, please contact us here. Due to our schedule, we will only be accepting in-person clients in the greater Grand Rapids metro area (West Michigan). If you live outside the area, we may be able to travel depending on the flexibility of our schedule.

We offer several levels of barefoot instruction. Each level is based on previous barefoot experience. If you are new to barefoot running, we would suggest beginning with a "Level Zero" introduction session. This will determine if you have the interest to continue a more rigorous program. For experienced barefoot runners, we will personally work with you to assess the appropriate level to begin with.


* BFR 101- ($75) Includes one 90 minute session; designed for new barefoot or minimalist shoe runners. You may bring two other people with you for this session to share the cost!

* BFR 102- ($500) Includes eight 50 minute sessions; designed to teach the new barefoot or minimalist shoe runner the necessary elements required to begin without injury. You may add one other person to these sessions.  Individual sessions may be scheduled for $65

* BFR 201, 301, and 401- (cost varies depending on goals and number of sessions) In depth work to develop barefoot running skills. You may add one other person to these sessions.

* Small Group Presentation- ($300) This lecture/discussion session is intended to cover materials covered in the "BRF 101" instructional session. The session takes approximately 60-90 minutes with a question and answer/hands-on instruction session afterwards. There is a 20 person limit to this presentation.

* Large Group Presentation (Cost varies based on size of audience) This is similar to the small group presentation without the hands-on instruction afterwards.

* Clinics (Cost varies) 2-3 hour sessions similar to small group presentation with added information and hands-on instruction.  Clinic schedules will be posted in the "Clinics" section of our website.

Special discount: If you or an immediate family member is a active, retired, or reserve member of the military, a police officer, firefighter, nurse, or teacher, you are eligible for a 10% discount on all fees! Also, if you are experiencing a financial hardship the would make payment difficult, please contact me. My ultimate goal is to help people learn to run barefoot. I strongly believe cost should never impede the free flow of information.