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The Authentic Paleo Diet: Guest Post from Chris Pedersen

Jun 14, 2013 | 9 Comments

The following is a reposted article written by my Facebook friend Chris Pedersen. ‘m a big fan of experimentation, especially if it involves playing cards! Enjoy!

The Paleo diet has become popular among those wishing to begin making healthy choices in what they consume for their daily meals.  GMO’s, additives, processing methods all cause suspicion in regards to the impact on health that modern food has.  Health benefits aside, it is hard to argue against […]

A New Diet Book? And It Is 100% Free?!? WTF?

Jun 11, 2013 | 5 Comments

Yes, it DOES seem to good to be true! I’ve written a diet book and it’s completely free!

This is the only weight loss (or weight gain depending on your goals) you’ll ever need. AND IT’S FREE!

For your convenience, I made it available in a variety of formats including:

ePub– For most eReaders

Mobi– For Kindles

PDF– For computers and other assorted devices

Warning: For […]

Want to Lose Weight? Try the Brick Method.

Jun 9, 2013 | 4 Comments

My friends and I had an interesting debate on Facebook regarding weight loss. This was my original post:

Paleo, vegan, fruitarian, or any other fad diet and running, power lifting, step aerobics, Crossfit, bicycling or the thigh master. All are beholden to the same very basic principle of physical fitness:

Calories in > calories out = weight gain. Calories in < calories out = weight loss.

Want to lose weight? Eat less and move more.

The ensuing debate brought […]

What Makes You Faster- More Training or Greater Efficiency?

Jun 2, 2013 | 8 Comments

Let’s have a fun debate. You are a professional runner. You have to improve. You have two training options:

Train harder (which equates to running more/longer/faster in training.)
Work on more efficient movements (i.e., improving technique.)

Yes, yes… I know. More training almost always results in greater efficiency AND greater efficiency increases the ability to train at a higher volume. For the sake of the debate, choose one. There can be no “middle ground.”

What do you think?


Going Running? Know Where to Find Water!

May 29, 2013 | No Comments

Given hot weather is upon us, it’s time to talk about water. Specifically… finding water. If you’re out on the trail and run out of water, the situation can go downhill quickly. Knowing where water sources can be found can, minimally, save your run. It could also potentially save your life.

I don’t have the time today to write an entire blog post, so I’m just cutting and pasting an excerpt from the Squirrel Wipe book.


How to Become an Elite Ultrarunner

May 23, 2013 | 4 Comments

So you wanna be a great ultrarunner, huh?

I know the secret.

I know what you’re thinking. I am… or was… a half-assed ultrarunner on the best of days. On the worst of days, I was just showing up for the food.

What would I know about becoming an elite?

Luckily, I’ve gotten to know a lot of runners, both good and, well, bad. And there’s a definite pattern that led me to discovering […]

Benign Neglect: The Art of Under-Parenting

May 10, 2013 | 5 Comments

While doing some research for a new project, I came across the term “benign neglect.” As a parenting style, it involves allowing your kids freedom to well, be kids. Let them explore their world. Solve their own problems. Take their lumps when things don’t go so well.

And I like the nomenclature because it’s mildly antagonistic. 😉

It perfectly explains the parenting strategy Shelly and I use. We let them play unsupervised, which often involves wandering around our […]

The Art of Bagging Groceries

May 5, 2013 | 6 Comments

Back in the day I worked at a now-defunct grocery store. I did a variety of jobs in pretty much every department. The various jibs required some unique skills like cutting a box with a box cutter without damaging the product, operating a price gun, and playing the “we have to get rid of this close-to-expiring milk by playing games with how people choose which one to grab” game. I also spent considerable time as a cashier, […]