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Patagonia Advocate Review

Apr 18, 2011 | One Comment

[The following review was written by BRU writer Christian Peterson.  The shoes were provided by our friends at Planet Shoes, which offers an incredible selection of eco-friendly and minimalist shoes.  If you’re shopping for new shoes, check them out!  If you want to read more of Christian’s stuff, check out his blog The Maple Grove Barefoot Guy.]

Hello again BRU students.  For those who don’t remember me, what the hell is wrong with you!  I […]

Staying Motivated: Five Steps to Achieving Running Awesomeness

Feb 17, 2011 | 6 Comments

[The following post was written by Christian Peterson, which many of you will know better as SayPay45.  Christian is one of the writers I recently recruited to occasionally write for BRU.  Check out his blog  “The Maple Grove Barefoot Guy” to read more.  I’d introduce Christian, but he does a pretty good job himself. 🙂  ]

Hello guest post readers!  Do not be frightened by my awesomeness.  What you’re feeling is completely nature.  As your […]