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New Goals; New Adventures

Posted by on Nov 10, 2013 | One Comment

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been contemplating new goals. I haven’t really had too many goals over the last few years; I’ve just enjoyed flowing through life. I feels like it’s about time to get some direction. The following are the goals I’m considering for 2014 but haven’t made a firm commitment:

1. Run another benji (100 miler.) It’s been a year since I ran my last ultra, and I miss it enough to seriously consider another. This would be a worthy goal given I struggle to run two miles right now. My tentative plan is to run a mountain ultra next fall. The fear associated with ultras has long-since left, as has the feeling of discovery. What remains in the intrinsic enjoyment of nature coupled with a healthy dose of pain.

2. Publish a mainstream ultra book. Squirrel Wipe is a quirky book written for a very specific audience that has limited appeal to the broader running community. I’d like to make another version that contains a broader range of information with a different tone. I’m currently in the early stages of shopping the idea to publishers.

3. Self-publish a parenting book. This is the book Shelly and I have been developing, which includes a lot of the stuff she’s been curating on Facebook. The manuscript is about 70% finished and will likely take about another month or so. Ideally, I’d like to get this published by January 1st.

4. Continue mma training. I use the term “mma” as a blanket that covers the separate disciplines of Brazilian jiu jitsu, boxing, and kickboxing. As of right now, I’m not actually training for mma in particular, though that idea does intrigue me. After years of focusing on running training, the new challenge is refreshing. And it makes me feel strong.

5. Start some sort of group fitness thing. I’ve been wanting to start a quasi-social fitness group of some time, but the logistics have always stood in the way. Since we’re committed to the San Diego area for the foreseeable future, the timing is ideal. I’m still not quite sure what form this will take, but I’d like it to incorporate outdoor workouts, running, and heavy weight training.

6. Laugh more. Over the last year, Shelly and I went from being traveling mountain running hippies to being dirt poor and working menial menial physical labor jobs to slowly working back to stability. The experience has been incredibly humbling and gave us a glimpse of what American poverty is really like (as opposed to our middle-class perception.) The experience has been absolutely amazing, but it’s had a dark side. I’ve become too prone to arguing stupid points with a handful of especially negative people via social media, which isn’t very fun. Worse, I’m just contributing to the negativity. I’ve had to take a step back and understand I’ll never change their opinions. To that end, I had to take an unprecedented step and hide a few people’s postings. In addition to this, I’ve taken a page from Shelly’s playbook and started following a lot more cartoonists and comedians. The net result has been a much cheerier outlook on life. I have to do more of this.

These are my tentative goals for the next year. Odds are good I’ll formally adopt all of them as I’m already working toward all of them.

What about you? What goals do you have for the coming year?



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1 Comment

  1. Thomas
    November 10, 2013

    A couple of years back I learned to know a Chinese woman, living in Singapore. She had an interesting lifestyle.
    Every year she made one commitment to herself. Only one goal – but a goal big enough to change her life. So every big or small decision she made was geared towards this big goal. It could be to open a second restaurant or to divorce her husband.
    It is a lifestyle worth considering, it really puts you on the edge.
    One goal only, but a lifechanging goal.