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Why Are People Such Dickheads to the Police?

Posted by on Jul 3, 2013 | 6 Comments

A recent news story has generated a shit-ton of controversy. The very short story – police arrest a dude that was interfering with an operation. Man’s rottweiler jumps out of his car. Police try to grab dog’s leash. Dog jumps at an officer. Officer shoots and kills the dog.

In case you haven’t seen the video, check it out here:

The story has created many Facebook threads sparking considerable debate. The debate seems to center around two major themes: Outrage over the owner for creating the situation and outrage over the police for shooting the dog.

I usually try to see both sides of an issue, but this one is tough. I cannot understand how the police can be blamed for this situation. A large, threatening dog couldn’t be brought under control, then jumps at an officer.

What should have been the alternative?

Interestingly, the folks that seem to be most vocal about the officer killing the dog are the exact same people that are the most ardent supporters of gun rights. You know, the people that make the claim that guns are necessary for self-defense, which is exactly what the officer was doing.

Maybe I’m just biased because I have little tolerance for those that take a crap on police, firemen, military personnel, nurses, teachers, and a host of other folks that serve the public. Maybe I’m biased because I have a lot of friends that serve as police officers, know they have families, and understand the necessity of “use of force” policies.

People go bat-shit crazy about the evils of cops… usually because of some dumbass reason. Here’s a common exchange:

Random person: “I hate the cops! They pulled me over a month ago and gave me a speeding ticket!”

Reasonable person: “Were you breaking the law?”

Random person: “Well I was speeding, but not that much.”

People love to hate on cops… until they’re in a situation where the shit hits the fan. What do the critics have to say about stories like this?

Are some police officers (or even departments) corrupt? Sure. Are some police offers asshats? Yes. Does this happen in every single other career? Of course. Should we hate on every cop because of a few bad apples?

You can probably guess my answer.

Every police officer I personally know is doing what they’re doing because they feel strongly about protecting the innocent. They risk their lives because they want to provide a safer world… usually for their own children.

Help me out readers. Can anyone provide a logical explanation of the flip side of my opinion that doesn’t start with a crazy “police state conspiracy” rant? Can anyone really place themselves in that officer’s shoes and explain how and why you’d act differently if confronted with a large hostile dog?

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  1. Dave
    July 9, 2013

    Jason it sounds like you are saying its ok for cops to arrest someone for being a douche or being annoying. The guy wasn’t breaking any laws and we should be thankful people are filming police. Someone’s gotta do it. We are all being spied on excessively and constantly yet when cops are filmed IN PUBLIC they freak out.

    If the police didn’t arrest the man for no reason….errrr sorry..if they didn’t arrest him for being a douche the dog never would have ran at them.

    It’s all color of law.

  2. eric clifton
    July 3, 2013

    well, since i refuse to watch the video i will not make an opinion on either the dog’s, owner’s or policemen’s behavior. i will just say i was attacked by a rottweiler on a run and since i was not only unarmed but also only wearing a pair of shorts, socks, eyeglasses and shoes i did not have the opportunity to use deadly force and knowing myself would not have used it had i been decked out like rambo. i simply kicked the dog full force in the face while stating “NO” in a very commanding voice. the dog sheepishly gave me a wide berth and ran away. had he reacted differently afterwards i would have just kept following up. if someone like me knows how to fight a dog i would imagine the police should be trained (especially since they also use dogs and in the heat of conflict their own dogs occasionally attack fellow officers) in dog fighting techniques. i do understand the expedience and safety of self preservation in the shoot first situation.

  3. mr. k
    July 3, 2013


    This type of conversation requires a nuanced debate.

    What I like about you is that you’re flexible enough mentally to change your stance and opinions on things and I admire that about you.

    Here’s my perspective, which I hope you’ll consider…

    In the first place this guy created a situation and the series of events that followed. He deserves the blame for creating the possibility of this to occur, but the cops are also equally responsible in how they escalated this situation

    1) Interfering?

    -He took pictures with his phone from the perimeter…
    -He made comments from afar.
    -The cops were not currently engaging in anything rather they were talking to one another.

    2) Antagonistic? = “civil disobedience”

    -Why did the cops approach him….
    -He says “Why ain’t there no Black cops?” to the officers
    -You can clearly see him putting his hands behind his back
    -He consciously put his dog away so that the cops would NOT be attacked
    -He told the dog to stop (which the dog did)

    3) He should have locked his dog up and he failed to do so

    -I really wish this dude had thought things through all the way. You can see him putting the dog into the car in a rush. Knowing that the cops would view the dog as a threat.
    -He failed to think about his actions and the dog would not have been shot had he locked the dog up properly

    4) Those cops were antagonistic to him

    -There was no specific threat that this man posed to the situation.
    -He was making a vocal protest of the cops actions.
    -He did NOT cross any specified barrier
    -The cops were “making a point” as they often do

    5) Both parties are wrong for falling victim to Alpha Male combativeness (which almost all men have)

    -Problem is that only one group had a gun
    -Only one group has a duty to use those weapons with thought and respect

    -The cops were showing force for the sake of ego and nothing more
    -The man was showing that he was disapproving with the weight of power that authorities posses (especially armed authorities)

    -The man was showing civil disobedience

    5) The dog was NOT “attacking”
    -anyone who knows about dogs and their language knows that the dog was purely warning the officers
    -A true “attack dog” would have imediately attacked the officers
    -The dogs warned the officers many times
    -The dog did not bite anyone merely threatened to
    -The cops where also threatening to use their guns in the same way a dog might

    -It is like two people who speak different languages yelling at one another

    -The cop moved towards the dog and into the dog’s territory as you can see the cop moved into the dog rather than retreating…

    6) There’s nothing the cops could have done?

    – Ignored the guy as just being annoying but NOT threatening in any way (he had no weapons other than his voice)

    -Better training (dog’s don’t attack often they are threatening and posturing) Anyone ever watch cesar millan?
    -Cops should have better protocols but they don’t respect a dogs life enough

    – They could have used a Taser… (which you can see the officer wearing on his left hip)

    -They could have used mace (which they also cary)

    -They reacted with excessive force
    -Dog jumped out of the car at marker 3:09
    -The dog was shot at 3:22
    -11 Mississipi (this cop had to think about what he was doing)

    -They reacted with multiple shots (4) instead of a single shot

    7) Here is a time lapse of the events…

    – 3:20 (dog is at safe distance)
    – 3:21 (cop lunges forward, dog retreats)
    – 3:22 (dog reacts to threat)
    – Dog shot 4 times (any of which could have missed the target) Here is a still of the people standing directly behind where that dog was…

    So why do people dislike cops…

    1) They often use excessive force to impose their power
    2) They are often known to abuse their power out of personal ego
    3) They act as ignorant Judge and Jury in many cases where better discretion is required
    4) I’m a white guy and reluctantly have seen first hand that cops are often biased towards minorities.

    One event took place where I was in an altercation with a few black guys and without even questioning it they assumed I was right (I was in that particular case but the fact they assumed I was right really bothered me)

    Please tell me you don’t think Edward Snowden is a traitor too…

  4. Bryan
    July 3, 2013

    In my book, police officers are ALWAYS treated with respect. Quite frankly, anyone willing to walk up to the car of someone who for all they know is waiting with a gun on the passenger’s seat gets the benefit of a doubt from me. I don’t have to *like* the officer, but I respect the law, and therefore have to respect the officer.

  5. Andrew
    July 3, 2013

    People are dickheads to the police because of shitty reporting and editing by sources like Huffington post. If you watch the whole video you can see things a little more clearly.

    That dog paid the price of his owner being a shithead. Notice how the people standing back and recording didn’t get approached by the officers? They weren’t being a problem and they were left alone. The guy was causing a problem when he should have stayed back as he was told to.

    The cop made a mistake by lunging for the dog’s leash, and maybe could have just maced the dog but he never should have to be in the situation. Now there will be a lawsuit and time and money will be wasted because some nosey prick acted like a three year old.

    • Jason
      July 3, 2013

      This is more or less my point… the dude was clearly being an antagonistic douche in a stressful situation. Don’t like the police and want to protest? Great. There is a better time, place, and methodology than the perimeter of an armed robbery scene.