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“Government Plans to Ban Motion Control Shoes”

Posted by on Feb 9, 2012 | 14 Comments

Okay, it’s just a hypothetical situation… but let’s play with this idea.

We know there’s emerging research exploring whether or not motion control shoes actually do anything, which Pete Larson summarizes nicely here. What happens if more research comes to the same conclusion?  What if it becomes apparent motion control shoes hurt people more than they help?

Would manufacturers continue to produce motion control shoes?  I suspect they would because:

  1. Running specialty stores are having a hard time embracing minimalism and an even more difficult time accepting that the old shoe fitting paradigm is… well, useless.  If the shoes are available, running stores will keep recommending them to their customers.  This could be a moot point with the rise of online retailers, though, as they’re apparently excelling at meeting customer demand for minimalist shoes.  I digress.
  2. Some people run in motion control shoes without problems.  As such, most will continue to run in them even if others get hurt.

There’s always a push to ban things that are deemed harmful, whether it be tobacco, guns, sugar, or french fries.  Most never comes to fruition, but the push is there.  You never know what government may ban next.  Hell, LA County just banned throwing frisbees and footballs on the beach.  Tossing a little plastic disc or a pigskin can now result in a $1,000 fine.

Could we see the same push with motion control shoes?  Imagine the Congressional hearings… Asics executives being questioned about the science behind their Gel Evolutions or Reebok being grilled about the girth of the Beast.  I just might have to start watching C-Span.

What do you think?  Could we see a future call to ban motion control shoes?


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  1. Stephanie
    February 9, 2012

    I’m with Rob Y. Next thing you know they’ll have us in those hover crafts from Wall-E. not a good idea.

  2. Chadisbarefoot
    February 9, 2012

    Reebok owns Brooks? Don’t they own Newton, too? That’s a weird combination of companies to have under your umbrella.

    • Chadisbarefoot
      February 9, 2012

      Never mind. Just read the comments and received clarification. It is still weird that the company that brought us the detestable and ridiculous Zig Tech owns Newton. Talk about opposing philosophies!

  3. Rob Y
    February 9, 2012

    By the same token I suppose Congress could take up banning barefoot running, walking etc… because it could be dramatized as being “unsanitary”, “dangerous” etc… This could really work both ways with a boat load of pseudo-science on either side.

  4. EdH
    February 9, 2012

    Running stores cannot stop selling motion control shoes. They have all of that expensive equipment that shows how wrong someone’s stride is, how they pronate and how their arches are just not right. Plus, they have spent so much time putting this jibberish on their websites.

  5. Ken S.
    February 9, 2012

    If you can find a way to connect running shoes with gay marriage or providing health care, then maybe the Republicans would take it up. Think of the outrage. Gay people are getting married in motion controlled shoes! People are getting socialist health care wearing motion controlled shoes! OMG, Call Fox News! They’ll know how to spin it.

  6. Erik
    February 9, 2012

    The government should ban everything as quick as possible, especially shod sovereignty.

  7. jeremy
    February 9, 2012

    Lpj, remember some of your most avid readers are “barefoot shoe” runners 🙂

  8. Wiglaf
    February 9, 2012

    Who were the ad wizards who came up with this abomination?

    Definitely ban them. Then execute the designer (I just thought I’d ramp things up a bit).

  9. Fabio Montoya
    February 9, 2012

    Like The Beach Boys used to sing: Wouldn’t it be nice…?

  10. jeremy
    February 9, 2012

    Oh…and it is quite girthy 😉

  11. jeremy
    February 9, 2012

    Brooks make the beast 🙂

    • Jason
      February 9, 2012

      I know… that was added for comedic effect. After all, a barefoot runner shouldn’t know anything about those foot coffins. 🙂

      • You know what happens when you assume...
        February 9, 2012

        What if you’re new to this barefoot world? :p