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How Accurate Were My 2010 Barefoot Predictions and Future Barefoot Running Events

Posted by on Feb 4, 2011 | 2 Comments

Barefoot Events for 2011

I am in the early stages of planning various events for the 2011 calendar year.  The tentative plan is to hit the road this summer and travel to various events (races and the like) to promote barefoot and minimalist shoe running.  Along the way I will be doing presentations, workshops, and group runs.  I would like to gauge interest before making specific plans.

Specifically, I am looking for running stores, outdoor stores, book stores, running clubs, or other businesses that would have an interest in barefoot and minimalist shoe running.  Also, I am still considering various races and other events.  If you are affiliated with any of these (race director, store employee, running club officer, etc.) or would just be interested in helping to organize and promote an event in your area, please email me at barefootchronicles “at” gmail “dot” com.


In December of ’09, I made a series of barefoot running-related predictions for 2010.  Let’s see how I fared:

Here are the predictions.  My comments today are in red.

  • The soon-to-be-launched Barefoot Runners Society will become a national organizational force in the barefoot running community.  Accuracy = A.  The BRS did become the backbone for a very large number of new and existing barefoot running clubs.  TJ Gerken, BRS president, deserves the credit for this one!
  • Barefoot and minimalist running clinics will continue to develop.  Accuracy = A.  Micheal and Jessica Sandler went on tour.  So did Ken Bob.  I hosted a large number of clinics.  Several other people began hosting regular clinics.
  • Individuals will continue to push the envelope of barefoot running.  Personally, I would like to run a 100 miler barefoot.  Accuracy = B+, but no thanks to me.  I didn’t accomplish much on the barefoot front, but Todd Ragsdale did set the world record for most barefoot miles in 24 hours in 2010.  Todd is also attempting the Rocky Raccoon 100 miler on Feb. 5th barefoot.  I think he’ll make it!
  • Barefoot running clubs will begin to spring up throughout the country.   Accuracy = A.  See comment on Barefoot Runners Society.
  • Peer-review empirical research will be published adding further support to the practice (there’s already a sizable collection of empirical evidence supporting BFR.  Accuracy = B+.  Lieberman’s research led the way and has been followed by others.
  • Major shoe manufacturers will roll out new lines of minimalist shoes (ala Nike Frees) to capture the upswing in minimalist footwear interest.  They may also remarket their current minimalist lines (racing flats) as barefoot-friendly.  Accuracy = B.  While many companies have jumped on the bandwagon, most of the really big boys have not taken the plunge… yet.
  • POSE and ChiRunning will REALLY embrace barefoot running and tout themselves as being THE way to learn barefoot running, which will annoy me even more.  Accuracy = D.  While several well-known Pose and Chi coaches have become fans of barefoot running, neither camp has made the claim I predicted.
  • A host of books and movies will be released about barefoot running.  Accuracy = B-.  Books, yes!  Movies… not so much.
  • More members of the medical community will embrace barefoot running, nay-sayers will point to “too much too soon” injuries as evidence that barefoot running is bad. Accuracy = A+.  I’m especially proud of the last part of this prediction. 🙂
  • Hollywood will embrace barefoot running which will cause us long-time barefoot runners to groan… we will have officially reached “fad” status when Joel McHale makes fun of us on “The Soup”.  Accuracy = B-.  As far as I know, Joel never got in his jabs.  We did see a host of celebrities in minimalist shoes or barefoot, including Jake Gyllenhaal.
  • 2010 will be a huge year for barefoot running.  This is a movement that will reshape the running industry.  Accuracy = B.  There’s significant movement in regards to changing attitudes, but the change isn’t widely accepted… yet.

All in all, not too bad.  Will 2011 be different?  I bet it will.  I’ll toss out some predictions in the near future…

PureFit Radio Interview

Lastly, check out my PureFit radio interview here.  If you’re not familiar with the show, Kevin Leathers and Judy Staveley interview people from the running community and beyond.  The show also has several excellent information segments covering a variety of topics that would be of great benefit to anyone leading an active lifestyle.

In this interview, I talk about Merrell Barefoot, making a safe transition to barefoot running, and running barefoot on a treadmill.  Enjoy!

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  1. Jen
    February 4, 2011

    I enjoyed reading all your predictions and I just watched the Merrill videos. They were great and made barefoot running look as fun as it really is. It’s really exciting!

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