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Overcoming Winter Laziness: The Nine Day Trifecta Plunge

Posted by on Jan 15, 2011 | 3 Comments

Winter sucks.  Nothing saps my motivation like the combination of cold and darkness.  I should be rigorously training for Western States.  Instead, I have been lazily lounging around inventing excuses to avoid physical activity.  Over the last two weeks I’ve run a total of seven miles.  Since that training volume won’t help me get to the finish line in Auburn, I decided to do something radical to jump-start my motivation.

Enter The Nine Day Trifecta Plunge.  I just invented it.  It’s a combination of running, crosstraining, and diet intended to get me back on track.  I won’t be taking “The Plunge” alone; Shelly will also be participating.  The nine days will include some combination of all three elements divided into three 3-day periods.

The running will include speed work, hill work, and long runs.  The crosstraining will include many functional fitness exercises.  Explanations and video of the exercises can be found at  The diet will consist of the addition of good stuff and the elimination of bad stuff (according to my own dietary theories).  The diet “rules” will continue to the end of The Plunge.  Here are the details:

Phase One: The beginning

  • Day One
    • Running: Speed work- 2 mile tempo run
    • Crosstraining: 30 burpees
    • Diet: The elimination of alcohol [gasp!]
  • Day Two
    • Running: 20 mile long run
    • Crosstraining: 100 air squats
    • Diet: The addition of a fruit smoothie for breakfast
  • Day Three
    • Running: Treadmill Tabata (set incline on 15°, speed on 6mph.  Run for 30 seconds, take 20 seconds off.  Repeat eight times)
    • Crosstraining: 20 uneven pushups
    • Diet: The elimination of refined sugar (i.e.- candy)

Phase Two: The middle

  • Day four
    • Running: Speed work: 4 X 400 repeats
    • Crosstraining: 2 minute wall sit
    • Diet: Including a salad for lunch
  • Day five
    • Running: 10 mile long run
    • Crosstraining: 25 thrusters
    • Diet: The elimination of carbonated beverages (i.e.- “pop” for those of us in Michigan)
  • Day six
    • Running: 6-10 hill repeats depending on the hill available
    • Crosstraining: 50 sumo deadlift high pulls
    • Diet: Including a serving of vegetables with dinner

Phase Three:  The end

  • Day seven
    • Running: 5k faster than my current race PR (something like 19:15)
    • Crosstraining: moutain climbers for three minutes
    • Diet: The elimination of all processed foods
  • Day eight
    • Running: treadmill tabata (same as above, but do twelve cycles instead of eight)
    • Crosstraining: 50 burpee pullups
    • Diet: The addition of fruits at lunch
  • Day nine
    • Running: 30 mile long run
    • Crosstraining: 50 psycho pushups
    • Diet: Elimination of coffee

This is my plan to jump-start my training.  If you’re interested in joining me, you may scale the workouts to your current ability level.  If you’re interested, make the commitment today.  I’m beginning immediately, you should, too.

If you’re on-board, leave a comment.  Make the public commitment.  I’ll keep you updated on my progress, you’ll be able to update your progress, too.

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  1. Jeremy
    January 15, 2011

    You call it pop too? (I’m canadian) Great! “Soda” sounds gross.

    Also, do you not normally eat vegetables with dinner?

  2. C. Beth
    January 15, 2011

    Wow, I’m impressed!

    I did my first half marathon on 12/5, and after that for a few weeks I just kinda lost my mojo…less running, lots of laziness during Christmas vacation, IT band issues cropping back up thanks to the laziness. But last weekend I went out and did 13.3 miles by myself, and it was just what I needed to get excited about running again.

    So I’m not joining your challenge but I am about to head out for a 10 miler and on 1/30 I’ll be doing my 2nd official half mary, so I’m with you in spirit….but I’m keeping the refined sugars in my diet! 🙂

  3. Brandon Mulnix
    January 15, 2011

    Sorry man, that seems a little extreme. I am afraid of choking on a banana in the smoothie. I know McDonalds makes a great smoothie, but it only goes with the Sausage McMuffin with Egg. Sorry its a rule. I will be more than happy to run with you, but 2 miles is pretty far. Tempo, what does that mean. I saw a car once with that name, and want to make sure I am not pushing it two miles. Burpee… I can do thirty of those, but only after a good beer. I asked Emily to assist me with the Thrusters. We have to wait till Lily goes to school, before we can practice. If I can find 50 Pshyco guys to do pushups I might try.

    Just sayin…