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Now what???

Posted by on Oct 5, 2009 | 3 Comments

Hallucination was a success. It was THE goal I have worked toward for years. Now that I reached that particular goal, where do I go? I have other goals, but none are as emotionally-charged as the first successful 100. I’d like to run more 100s. I would like to expand my barefoot capabilities, including possibly Mind the Ducks 12 hour and eventually a 100 miler. I would like to qualify for Boston one of these days, but road running really is not appealing on any level. I could go after some PRs on the short road races, but that isn’t very exciting, either. I could set my sight on one of the REALLY hard races (Hardrock, Badwater, etc), but I don’t think I have the means nor time to train at this point in my life. I guess I’m going through an internal struggle to set new goals. Do I even need goals? Can I just be content running races for the sheer joy of running? There is a myriad of races I’d love to experience. Locally, we have some races I am tentatively planning for next year. The Wild, Wild West 100k in lowell, MI is practically in my back yard. Dances with Dirt has always sounded like a really fun 50 miler. And there’s always Woodstock… I would like to tackle the Poto barefoot for 100 miles. I could avenge my DNF at Burning River. I could try one of the Midwest 100s… McNaughton has always sounded like a good time, especially in the rain. Kettle Moraine is relatively close. Superior sounds beautiful, and would be a major challenge. I entered the Western States lottery, but the lottery registrant number is approaching 1,000. Not a good chance that will be happening.

I guess I’m an ultrarunner that is somewhat temporarily lost. I reached my goal. I didn’t really plan on a new goal once this one was reached. I will definitely keep running. I used to run as an escape from my problems… now I run more for the sheer joy of running. [warning- cheesy analogy coming up] It is like the frosting on the birthday cake that is my life. Now that Shelly and I are done procreating, we will have more opportunities to run together. I loved that she crewed and paced me at Hallucination… it was an indescribably emotional experience to be able to share that with her. I hope to convince her to begin dabbling in ultras one of these days- it certainly enhances the “running for the sheer joy of running” feelings. Now I just need a goal… something to motivate me during the dark, cold days of January…

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  1. shel
    October 7, 2009

    i know someone who has a really comprehensive ultra list:) could be worth a perusal. as a runner, you always have 3 choices to push : harder, faster or longer (good God, that sounds indecent)you just have to sit down and decide which one of those you want/would fulfill you/ make you proudest and then find a race that fits in. you'll figure it out. we always feel like we are twisting in the wind after the goals are reached.. but we all keep going!

  2. Donald
    October 5, 2009

    You'll find something. We always do. Good luck with the WS lottery!

  3. Tuck
    October 5, 2009

    Sounds like a good problem to have!